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357 Lanier Street, Grove Park Atlanta

Over the years, buildings have evolved alongside the thoughts of humans. Wood works, cement blocks, bricks, glass houses and the latest yet to make waves, the container houses. Container houses are innovative, creative, eco-friendly, and affordable which is why Creative Container Spaces is taking the lead in this direction to provide state of the art real estate for the people of Atlanta Georgia.  

The Creative Containers at the Beltline is the first innovative housing complex of its kind in the state of Georgia. Building with affordability in mind, Creative Containers will be a unique, sustainable residential community offering an alternative housing option in the popular inner-city neighborhood of Grove Park, Atlanta. The complex will consist of four (4) buildings crafted from twenty-four (24) factory certified industrial freight containers that are stacked to create synergy around a shared courtyard that depicts a modern-age, residential community with a rustic exterior of exposed Corten steel to blend with traditional brick facades of the neighborhood. Each building will feature 3 units with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms using eco-friendly building materials and appliances with rooftop access. 

Looking beyond the inspirational design, you will gain an appreciation for the beauty of each residence’s simplistic layout and functionality. These residences are innovatively designed to promote sustainability and overall efficiency to maximize the use of space. Energy-efficient floor-to-ceiling windows, along with Mitsubishi heating and cooling units in each residence will save on utility costs.  The units will also feature a state-of-the-art insulation system that merges continuous insulation, conduit pathways and wall framing studs within a single product. The exterior building envelopes will exceed the requirements for thermal efficiency.

But the priority for sustainable living does not stop there. The complex will offer on-site parking, on-site recycling, community green space, a small dog walk area and bicycle racks promoting sustainable transportation methods and community engagement.

70% of the construction of the units will be done offsite for a duration of approximately 6 weeks and brought on site for installation causing minimal disruption to the community. The containers will be lifted and mounted in place for final exterior and interior finishing as the site is prepared for landscaping and other amenities. This prefabrication will save approximately 40% in construction time.

The shipping containers are structurally sound, naturally waterproof, and built to handle any type of weather conditions. Due to its versatility, it can be fabricated and constructed into any type of design.


Creative Containers at the Beltline is currently available for investment opportunities. Investors are welcome to request for a pitch book and presentation.

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